Partner with us

At King’s Garden we’re passionate about God’s creation. Nature.

Our vision is to transform people and places through natural farming God’s way.

To help people experience the power of God’s transforming grace and forgiveness we need partners. 

To partnering with us, is a covenant, a joining together in faith.

There are many ways to partner with us. You can be a financial partner who faithfully and periodically sow some level of financial support. You can for example give specific items that helps us to build the garden or you can join our volunteer team.

The King’s Garden has a diverse volunteer team of professionals from different backgrounds working together for the Kingdom of God.

Working at King’s Garden is a grateful and rewarding experience. If you are interested in helping us to develop King’s Garden, to leverage your skills to make difference, we will be happy to hear from you!


If you are interested in farming, or touched by the vision of The King’s Garden, and want to experience the Father’s Garden for yourself, you are welcome to join the volunteer team, together we build The King’s Garden, making it a beautiful garden to bless many others.

Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning, volunteers will come to The King’s Garden to serve, and Teacher Yang will be there to guide, so even if you don’t have any farming experience, as long you have the passionate heart for it just join us!

Interested to join volunteer team, please WhatsApp: 9609-4410

Tree Adoption Plan

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. King’s Garden gives you the opportunity to adopt and plant a tree. A gift that lasts a lifetime and help the planet.

When you join us by adopting a tree, you are helping the development of King’s Garden and all projects connected. Your Tree adoption will make the land greener for future generations and also give back to the environment for decades to come.

Please contact us so we can explain how to adopt a tree, to whom this applies and when it can be harvested.

Dedicate a tree today, give it your (or a) name and make a spiritual statement!