About Us

King’s Garden is a project initiated and operated by Zebulun Apostolic center in Hong Kong. (www.zebulunapc.com).

The King’s Garden has the following elements:

The vision of The King’s Garden

In early 2020, God gave Zebulun Apostolic Centre a vision to buy or rent a piece of land to grow food and to prepare a store house for the people of God in the last days. He guided us to this piece of land and fish ponds in Hawan Village, Lok Ma Chau. When we prayed for the land, we felt that this had to become the garden of God, a place to meet with Him and we named it “King’s Garden”.

The King’s Garden represents the garden of our Heavenly Father to help people understand how to align with His Kingdom, His calendar and Israel. A piece of land which we use to grow Vegetables, Fruit, Rice, Fish etc. to develop a storehouse for God’s people meant for the end times.

King’s Garden does not belong to Zebulun Apostolic Centre, it belongs to God. It’s God’s garden. His residence and His dwelling place on Earth. We have made a covenant with God that everything in it belongs to Him, including all the profits. Everything that comes from this land and ponds are for Him to use. He is the owner, and we are His steward.

An important part of the garden is that we give individuals the opportunity to learn practical farming skills for home farming. How to feed your own family, how to grow and preserve food, how to help the helpless.

Grand Opening